January 23, 2012 – Happy Dragon, Aquarian, Phoenix, Quetzlquotl NEW MOON!

We crossed the NEW MOON last night at 11:35 pm on the West Coast, 12:35 am Mountain Time, 1:35 am Central, 2:35 am East Coast Time! The Chinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle and this particular NEW MOON!  So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Yayyyyyyy!!!  Another day to celebrate the new Solar Cycle of LIFE!!!! Yay!

This NEW MOON NEW LIFE, NEW AQUARIAN REVOLUTION, takes place just hours before our planet of the MASCULINE, planet of ACTION, of WILL, and of all things ANGRY, AGGRESSIVE or WARring–goes RETROGRADE. When MARS STATIONS, all these things have an opportunity to STOP, take a LOOK!  and REwind, REwire, Clean-UP, Apologize for killing families, etc. The Troops are coming home from Afganistan just in time for MARS Retro.(and the NEW MOON in Aquarius) Hooray!!

The NEW MOON is a window in which to set goals, envision practical steps and dream and yearn for unmanifest heart and soul-visions!

Today is an alchemical day. It is another “magic wand” kind of day. MARS is STATIONARY today. Our WILL is ignited with Passion to change—this is power—however the “stationary” quality of Mars may cause “perceived” glitches or setbacks related to technology or other strange breakdowns. It is the “pulling back the arrow of the bow” kind of day. As MARS STATIONS today (exact at 4:53 pm pst–pacific standard time).

Because MERCURY is in aspect with MARS (MERCURY TRINED MARS in the middle of the night last night around 3 am), and is still in close contact, MERCURY FEELS a little RETROGRADE—As MARS STATIONS, really the communications planetary wizard is empathically picking up Mars’ retrograde and having us feel as if it is the wing-footed Mercury who–“Is it retrograde?”—not until March 12, 2012! Mercury’s first retrograde of 2012! Mercury retrogrades for 3 weeks, 3 times per year.

So TODAY is also a MERCURY to MARS conversation. How does our communication support our life? How are we supported to do our authentic life’s work in the world?  Are we able to express ourselves?  If there are issues around these questions, today’s alchemy will begin to bring all these things up to the surface!  As MARS retrogrades, we’ll work over the areas in our “action-life” that need to shift, to more fully support our authentic “mission” on earth.

May today’s strange MARS energy cause quirky inner revolutions that will bring more joy, laughter, creative solutions and fun into our lives!