November 23, 2011 – DARK MOON, Healing Breakthroughs & Power Actions

Today is another completion and closure day. We are tying up “loose psychic ends,” if we choose to, from the whole last “solar year of creation.” Sometimes ‘closure’ happens when we don’t even notice, and sometimes it feels like we have to “work at it,” to feel the alchemical completion that will give us the authentic power and freedom to start “a whole new cycle of creation,” fresh, alive and yet unknown.

“Is Mercury Retrograde?” a few people have asked me in the last few days, “No, but Mars is about to go retrograde,” and Mercury is trining Mars about to go retro, so its having some of the same effects that we might remember in a typical “Mercury Retrograde Field.” So this morning i spent an hour writing a long article for today and it disappeared before i could publish it–computer/web glitch!  (the one you are reading is the second time around on today! Cheers to retro!) So if you have these kinds of “little losses,” or little glitches,” its all in the spirit of the trickster spirit of creation, giving us a chance to “rethink,” rewind, recalibrate, and renew ourselves through the Mars Retrograde journey coming, and in the now.

MOON CONJUNCTED MERCURY this morning around dawn at 5:02 am pst. These two, MERCURY and MOON are together and in TRINE to Mars. (MOON’s exact TRINE with MARS is at 6:42 am–this morning). (MERCURY’s exact TRINE with MARS will be around 3:00 am–late tonight). Our words are swords of truth. Our English language is designed to serve “separation consciousness,” so as we “rapidly shift consciousness,” in this “rapidly human awakening,” we learn that our words and our language must also shift, to serve the authentic changes happening inside of us.

MOON is SQUARE SATURN at 5:38 pm pst, before heading into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius. Here we have a feeling of completion, finishing, cleaning, restructuring, meditating, or taking care of all the loose ends of 2011. If its emotionally uncomfortable, we need to understand this is simply what the “lowest energy point in a lunar cycle,” along with a “tension aspect” with planet SATURN–of STRUCTURE and Limitation–feels like! (Its not necessarily a warm cozy feeling)–however can be very productive!

MOON is in the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius for an hour, before entering  Aquarius at 6:53 pm. This is the fertile DARK MOON FIELD in Aquarius, before the NEW MOON coming around MIDNIGHT.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 9:27 pm pst and we are gifted with a magic wand. This magic wany’s trickster be with you today!


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