11-22-2011 – Spiritual Phoenix Babies

Today is another completion and closure day. We are tying up “loose psychic ends,” if we choose to, from the whole last “solar year of creation.” Sometimes ‘closure’ happens when we don’t even notice, and sometimes it feels like we have to “work at it,” to feel the alchemical completion that will give us the authentic power and freedom to start “a whole new cycle of creation,” fresh, alive and yet unknown.

“Is Mercury Retrograde?” a few people have asked me in the last few days, “No, but Mars is about to go retrograde, and Mercury is trining Mars about to go retro, so its having some of the same effects that we might remember in a typical “Mercury Retrograde Field.” So this morning i spent an hour writing a long article for today and it disappeared before i could publish it–computer/web glitch!  So if you have these kinds of “little losses,” or little glitches,” its all in the spirit of the trickster spirit of creation, giving us a chance to “rethink,” rewind, recalibrate, and renew ourselves through the Mars Retrograde journey coming.

MOON CONJUNCTED MERCURY this morning around dawn at 5:02 am pst. These two, MERCURY and MOON TRINE MARS at 6:42 am, (MERCURY’s exact TRINE with MARS will be around 3:00 am–late tonight). Our words are swords of truth. Our English language is designed to serve “separation consciousness,” so as we “rapidly shift consciousness,” in this “rapidly human awakening,” we learn that our words and our language must also shift, to serve the authentic changes happening inside of us.

MOON is SQUARE SATURN at 5:38 pm pst, before heading into the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius. Here we have a feeling of completion, finishing, cleaning, restructuring, meditating, or taking care of all the loose ends of 2011. If its emotionally uncomfortable, we need to understand this is simply what the “lowest energy point in a lunar cycle,” along with a “tension aspect” with planet SATURN–of STRUCTURE and Limitation–feels like! (Its not necessarily a warm cozy feeling)–however can be very productive!

MOON is in the VOID between Capricorn and Aquarius for an hour, before entering  Aquarius at 6:53 pm. This is the fertile DARK MOON FIELD in Aquarius, before the NEW MOON coming around MIDNIGHT.

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 9:27 pm pst and we are gifted with a magic wand. This magic want is invisible and its specialty is “disappearing things.” We can “disappear a pattern,” for example: POOF! gone!  Or we can disappear a debt! Poof! Gone!  We don’t need to understand how this magic will unfurl, or whether it will work or not, we need only pick up this wand (invisible to our own eyes, as well as to others!) and focus our attention on what we need to transform or manifest for our heart and soul. Psst, says Harry Potter in spirit, it may be best to keep our “magic wand” a secret!  (because others–especially muggles–may not understand!) However this wand IS VERY REAL, and can be called into service to our deepest heart’s yearnings. This power is given by the fertile DARK waning MOON SEXTILE our planet of our Invisible world, URANUS.  One may wish to utilize this superpower to tie up and complete all that we may associate with the “old world.” We have all the magic, at our fingertips, that we may need to do this!

For some this will be a totally psychic undertaking; for some, it will happen (without them noticing); and for some of us we can weave ritual tying of loose ends–phone calls, letters, or thought processes–into a sacred fabric of loving-loose-end-tying-creative fun! As we compost our “old world,” we are “tilling the soil” of the fertile, yet unknown New World coming.

This soil will be fertilized by MOON SQUARING JUPITER expanding our pshyic-sensual-spiritual-nourishment connection. If we do not feel appropriately “held by the universe,” in our creativity and expression in the world, then now is a moment to “compost all the unmet needs of the past,” to enter a New phase where needs are met, because we are wise enough to know how to authentically and appropriately “meet our own heart/soul needs.”

Today offers us an opportunity to craft a “closing ritual for the 2011 cycle of creation,” especially any ‘hanging threads.’ Into this closing ritual we may wish to bless the closing of our “old economic system” and our old ways of working with money, as we prepare for the NEW MOON of the NEW ERA of AQUARIUS.  There are many dawns, and thim our country, our culture, our communities and ourselves on core levels.

VENUS SEXTILED SATURN late last night and we arise still feeling the deep grounding of this nourishing supportive energy. MOON in Libra SEXTILED MERCURY in Sagittarius at 1:39 am, pdt and our web of communications is stirring with the upcoming magical cycle of Mercury Retrograde, beginning in two days.  We’ve already been ‘in the shadow’ of this retrograde for the 3 weeks before the actual retrograde point, coming up.  We’ve likely already noticed the trickster/wacky communications and transportations turn-arounds of mercury’s more circular energy (rather than the linear energy we’re used to “normally.”) The acupuncture point/stationary retrograde point at 11:19 pm pst on Wednesday/tomorrow night, 11-23 begins the more directly alchemical, magical and slippery-communications portal of MERCURY RETROGRADE.

SUN ENTERS SAGITTARIUS at 8:08 am pst, (pacific standard time). Many of us will be grateful for the bright warm fires of the sagittarian free-spirit, in comparison to the deep emotional waters of sex, money and life and death while the sun is in the Scorpio season. We’re moving past our resource-focus phase of the year into our phase of celebration, unity, spiritual expression, prayers, candle-light and big pot-luck dinners with wild colorful costumes, food and people! The sun in Sagittarius can see the light of “Galactic Center,” shining a blueprint of perfection into our consciousness, lifting us out of the sometimes emotionally perplexing experiences of Scorpio. This “blueprint of perfection” may just be seen from a somewhat dimmed underworld of the DARK MOON before a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  As we walk through this death portal, the grim reaper happy to be in service to us in any area needed, we can see the light ahead, this Sagittarian inspired future pathway lit up with our joy and celebration. But first, we have some deaths, completions and purifications to attend to in the next few days.

MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN in Libra and we’re facing final deaths in old relationships. Relationships are being worked over by Saturn.  They must serve the greater whole and the soul. We (humanity) are in a rapid growth and change portal, therefore relationships, in service to this change in consciousness are providing the way we shift right now. The Occupy movement is creating a new social movement and our relationships are mutating in the ways they need to for our higher growth and evolution.  The current field of relationship is taking us through initiatory experiences of our heart, opening the heart through the shock of unexpected changes. (Uranus’ dance with Saturn and Pluto right now in the Cardinal T-Square) We are taken through initiatory experiences of the heart that humble us and transform us in the perfect ways for our individual and community soul. We can trust the fabric of life to kill off what is not serving us in this window of time, providing us with fresh territory for new relationships, new births, new jobs, new projects, and new social situations.

MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 10:30 am, pst. LOVE will heal us, inspire us, and support us with the wisdom needed for this time.   Self-love and self-nourishment is important in the window of a DARK MOON like now.

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE at 3:04 pm, pst sending is into the WATERY VOID before entering even deeper watery SCORPIO. (just as sun leaves Scorpio, Moon enters for its monthly visit.) We’re working on a deep level with our inner and outer resources.  Its good to prepare for the future in some way and we can feel this urge, even in the DARK MOON before a solar eclipse.

MOON enters Scorpio at 5:58 pm pst and immediately OPPOSES JUPITER at 9:25 pm pst.  This opposition can cause some insecurities to come up around money and resources. Its good to bless our resources at this time, asking to be aligned with divine sacred abundance that is not pillaging the earth, but rather in alignment with the abundance of the earth. We are resetting how we “make a living” related to this earth-human relationship.

May the fires of divine perfection and abundance fuel us through the upcoming transitions!


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