January 21, 2012 – Feminine Power touching Dark Moon

MOON conjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn for the monthly MOON-PLUTO (death-rebirth point). We’re in a catharsis of great endings. MOON conjuncts PLUTO pre-dawn at 4:31 am pst (pacific standard time).

MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 6 am and we can “kiss the shadow” and thank it for surfacing “one last time,” before kissing goodbye.  This dark waning moon sextile venus has us purge and rewire our creativity. We’re unwinding from the last cycle, preparing for new life and new birth in the upcoming cycle of the “LOVERS,” and the lunation of Valentines Day!!

SUN SEXTILES URANUS at 5:21 pm pst and we are touched with magical sunlight, solar flares, exploding what is possible. Thoughts, dreams and imaginings are creating our reality moment by moment. This aspect makes today a “magical day,” in spite of the low lunar energy.

SUN SQUARES JUPITER at 10:35 pm pst and we’re expanded, stretched and asked to aim for the heavens. The goal is still “heaven on earth,” so if we’re not there yet, we can ‘keep going!’

May we dream heaven to earth this year!