January 19, 2011 – Completion of our old World

Today is a powerful day of completion. We have the power to tie up all kinds of “loose ends,” from the past and that always has a good and grounded feeling.

SUN in Capricorn SQUARES SATURN in Libra at 1:18 pm pst (pacific standard time). This Square holds our attention in the “final completion of an old way of relating.” We are asked to “step up our wisdom, presence and authority,” as creators of a new way of being in the world that is “our next evolutionary step.” We each do this personally and we as a collective are maturing as a species.

Tomorrow both Pluto and Uranus will be contacted by planetary aspect during the day. What roll do you play in this “great transition in consciousness,” that humanity is faced with in 2012 through 2016?  There will be SEVEN AWAKENING CHANGE TRANSIT POINTS: following the 7 points of a URANUS SQUARE PLUTO: from June 24, 2012- 2016. Tomorrow we’ll be touching into what these seven points of change might mean for us as the two planets involved: Uranus and Pluto, will be personally contacted by inner planets Venus and The Moon.

May today’s completions fuel tomorrows awakened creations.

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