January 18, 2012 – Water to Fire – Evening Venus Square

MOON is in Power Scorpio as we rise, in a SEXTILE to SUN at the very end of Capricorn at 8 am PST (Pacifc–West Coast–Standard Time). We’re grounding ourselves into our new way of working, releasing old ways that include stress or over-working, as the MOON wanes, purifying us on all levels as we unwind into the dark, lower-energy quarter of the cycle.  We can purify ourselves on deep psychological areas, dumping sticky patterns that have been impossible, UNTIL TODAY!

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 10:31 am pst then goes into the VOID for an hour of slippery energy. We may feel unclear or some form of loss. We can utilize this energy to practice meditation, take a ritual shower or bath, surrender in the midst of a power struggle, or move past a resistance in a spiritual practice.

MOON moves from Watery Scorpio to Fiery Sagittarius at 11:29 am pst. We’re off on our magic carpet, propelled by a MOON TRINE URANUS at 1:41 pm pst. We can work all kinds of magic with this trine. It is good for release-work because of the waning moon. This is an excellent pattern breaker aspect!  We have access to high states of intelligence, problem-solving capacity, and ingenious ways to make contact with our own personal “invisible world.”

MOON SQUARES VENUS later in the night at 9:47 pm pst, giving us some tension to work with in love, money, friendship and creativity.  Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet, when to gift and when to challenge is a key to grace in this aspect. Silence is golden, Meditation is grand!

May the inner silence place be with you amidst the creative chaos of today!