November 16, 2011- Deeply Rooted Phoenix Fires!

MOON is in Deep Water Scorpio today, delving into depth psychology, sexual intimacy, money dynamics and shamanic forces. MOON SEXTILES MERCURY early in the morning at 8:24 am pst (pacific/west coast/standard time) and we wake up talking and our mouth, our brains and our talking part are ALIVE today and connected to deep places, surfacing all kinds of interesting pieces from our own depths!!

MOON SEXTILES MARS charging us all day long with action, fiesty revolutionary spirit and masculine suptionary Aries at 9:54 am, pst. We’re off like rocket ships in our brave new mission, whatever that may be!

MOON SQUARES JUPITER at 1:33 pm, pst and we’re grounded and expanded at the same time. We are starlight and stone. Sometimes we blow our own minds and that is ok!

MARS in ceremonial Virgo TRINES JUPITER in super grounded Taurus and we have the power to move mountains on behalf of our new world. Today could be called: Mountain Moving Day!  What mountain do you need to move?


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