January 12, 2012 – Soulful Communications ~ Mastery of Work

We rise with MOON in Virgo, grounding the fire of the last few days into practical details. In the middle of the night we crossed MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE – a big ocean of energy. We’re still riding this ocean even as MOON is stretched by JUPITER and trine MERCURY and PLUTO in Capricorn, surfacing deep feeling intensity while requesting detailed, focused work. We need to hold our deep souls within ourselves today. Although it is a work day with all the most important things calling us to attention, our deep emotions, are leaking soul-juice and we will need a vessel of honor for this soul-input.  We can each do this uniquely.

The exact MOON TRINE JUPITER aspect was pre-dawn at 3:18 am pst (pacific standard time). We may be uplifted and expanded when we wake up–due to Jupiter’s grace and uplifted quality.

The exact MOON TRINE MERCURY aspect is at 1:33 pm pst.  This is an editors, healers, magicians favorite aspect, being supported in alchemy the magician is at home in us today. We can enjoy this supportive communications energy, applying this grounded communications quality to the things we care about most in life.  Everything seems to need “a little paperwork” in this world and today is a day when all of that paperwork can efficiently be sealed and completed.

MOON is TRINE PLUTO at 3:12 pm pst. This TRINE, (supportive aspect) “supports us” to contact deep heart and soul content. This usually feels like deep or intense emotions triggered by death, heart-break-like qualities, or possibly a “very serious feeling,” –all of this points to the DEPTH and the pOWER that may be activated inside of us, our emotional body and our Pluto-body! Our Pluto-body holds our power, our shadow, our abundance, our sex and our deep multi-lifetime stories. This intense movement of internal energy can also lead to our regeneration, renewal, and contact with divinity (in its highest expression). It is a good day/aspect for completing things that are supportive to our flow of abundance. Pluto in Capricorn asks us to continue to attend to the “new economy,” that we are building and all of its little details (TRINE MOON in Virgo).

SUN TRINES MARS at 8:46 pm pst (pacific standard time). This is a powerful joining of masculine forces in a positive way. Our creativity and our divine masculine is upheld today in a powerful radiance of “the love of life!”  Even on these dark winter days–today has a zest for life and a POWERFUL force that may touch us today in a core place–that relates to our soul. If we get”stirred up,” its good to dig under the surface, deeper, and deeper, until we reach our soul, and the authentic pure soul’s desires that are asking to be met, underneath the swirling water of experience.

Today is a day to honor our soul and to hone our ability to have a vessel for our depths, while we focus on the most important detailed tasks in front of us, giving our soul some attention, when we have an “appropriate vessel,” perhaps a candle or a fire-side this evening. Perhaps a massage or a work of sculpture, a night hike or a visit to a sacred spot. Our soul will need a voice it may have something to say to us today.

Tonight is a good oracle night, to consult runes, i-ching, tarot or a “book oracle,” in a favorite sacred text. May the light touch deep into the dark of soulight, asking us to “dig deep, and take flight!” Its Pheonix-like!