January 11, 2012 – Grounding a Creative Dilemma

Today the MOON is still in fiery creative heart-centered Leo heading toward an OPPOSITION with VENUS in Aquarius. We may feel some kind of creative dilemma or polarized feminine energy in our field–this is an important piece of our growth!  Oppositions bring us to fruition in areas where we need to be brought into “flowering.” Sometimes when we are opposed by one energy, it “empowers the underdog part inside.

The exact MOON OPPOSITE VENUS is this evening at 9:28 pm, pst (Pacific Standard Time). This is a great time to honor whatever creative conflict we are working through!  We can dance, sing, meditate or pray ourselves to a solution! –especially if we invoke the Divine Feminine, since she is involved in the opposition tonight.

MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 11:49 pm pst and we receive a late night grounding blessing. We can ground our creative gifts if we are diligent and committed, we will break through, we will find our way, we will land in the right place–if we take the steps we “know inside,” we must take.

To everyone being “in the right place, at the RIGHT time with the RIghT People!” May all confusion give way to emerging clarity, as the MOON heads toward Virgo tomorrow morning.