January 14, 2013 – Impractical Waxing Moon

We come out the gate of awakening this morning with the FULL MOON SEXTILE MARS. This day would like actions related to the flowerings that are taking place as the MOON erupts into fruition in our lives.

CHIRON is SEXTILE MERCURY today at 1:13 pm, pst (pacific standard time). Our words can wound or heal. Out thoughts can hurt ourselves or heal ourselves. This is an aspect in which we can be conscious about how our thoughts and words impact the people around us, as well as our own psyche’s on a moment-to-moment basis. Are we healing others with our words are are we triggering them? We can flush “overprocessing,” with authentic love, because that is what it needs. Every wound will heal if it finds a place to be “heard,” held, and have consciousness applied to it.

MOON in Cancer SQUARES SATURN in Relationship Libra at 6:25 pm and we may be feeling inconsistencies, or incongruences in our relationships–that is ok, we can be peaceful in spite of these “misses,” and know that “this too will pass.”  Relationships are going through overhauls of all kinds during this two years of Saturn in Libra, 2011 into 2012. This too will pass. MOON goes into the VOID after this aspect for a few hours.

MOON enters LEO at 8:35 pm pst and there is a fiery heart that enters our consciousness to save us from any insecurities this Full Moon in Cancer may have pushed out. Its ok to have insecurities, especially in these times, we are creatures of home and habit, like hobbits, and insecurity comes with our human consciousness, especially in a time of rapid and uncomfortable change! We will need each others’ reassurance in this cycle. We are gifts to each other when we provide a little love and reassurance, humor or pleasure.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER in Taurus for a tension that gives us the traction to ground our creativity. Our expansive ideas and creative inspiration can now be put into forms that allow us to share ourselves with the world. This is a moment to move into this kind of sharing. We may need to create a new form that allows us to share something more authentic than what we are already doing in our lives.

MOON TRINES URANUS at 10:29s are not always in sync with the human mindset of practical, and yet they live through us!  Our challenge today is to communicate, “beyond the practical,” into the realms of dreams, visions, deep feelings, and spiritual usherings. Have you ever noticed, the word “spiritual,” has “ritual” in it. It seems to mean “breathe ritual.” In ritual we can pray for visions that will guide us. We are called to vision.  Then we are called to share these visions with others.

We are all feeling constricted in our own way, due to SATURN’s dance with PLUTO. It is a good time for us to be making friends with the dark places, and the cold hard places.

VENUS is nearing PLUTO for her Persephone’s journey descent into the windy dark pathways of her own underworld. There she is unveiling her shadows and the things that have tormented her over time in her subconscious. Taking off every precious thing, she walks toward her own mythic release. In this place of complete, “let go,” she doesn’t need jewlery or decoration. VENUS is CONJUNCT PLUTO on Wednesday evening. At this time we each have an opportunity to claim our innocence, faith, trust, and purity, from the basement of our violated minds.

VENUS, although stepping near PLUTO, is not there yet, and she kisses in a SEXTILE, the soft Pisces MOON at 3:21 pm, pst.

MOON in Pisces SEXTILE PLUTO in Capricorn, this eveningat 7:48 pm, pst, is a musical experience if we are acting like Elvis Presley. Elvis had a Pisces/Capricorn combination and was quite a rockstar. We can each have a rockstar evening, pick up our guitar and rock out.

MOON TRINE SATURN water to water, at 9:01 pm, is an opportunity for impractical accomplishment. As we feel deeply, receive visions, and share them with people we love, we heal old karma, and weave a renewed creative life-force, with which to unfurl the whole solar year ahead.

May we never underestimate, or take for granted, the power of subtle stirrings from within. May we honor every subtle calling with listening.