January 8, 2012 – First Full Moon of 2012! Happy TURTLE Moon!

MOON OPPOSED PLUTO in the middle of the night and we traversed the darkest most potentially shadowy part of the lunar journey we take each 28 days. MERCURY TRINES JUPITER at 10:05 am pst and our communications luck is alive, so communications are important and blessed today.

MERCURY SQUARE URANUS at 3:23 pm, pst (pacific standard time) shocks us with our own inner need for freedom, humor and “breaking free,” of any stresses or burdens we’ve been carrying all week. Our mind must OPEN to survive the coming times. We must become purveyors of peace and wisdom, breaking through all the old veils of perceptions we’ve carried that have kept us separate from each other, our neighbors and even our friends and lovers!  Its time to get totally REAL past our untrue socialized beliefs, into a field “beyond right and wrong.” I’ll meet you there. (Rumi coming through)

FULL MOON is at 11:30 pm pst in Cancer. I’m calling this a “TURTLE MOON,” to honor that like turtles, we truly “carry our house on our back,” and all the other versions of “houses,” and “homes,” that we occupy are temporary symbols and resting places for the one deep and real “home,” that we carry inside us, resting on the authentic force of our soul, incarnating onto the earth. Our true home is inside.  We meditate, silence all the fears, chatter, wonders, worries and dreams to sink more and more deeply into our “real soul’s home.” What does this “real soul’s home” have as a gift for us today–on this soulful Turtle Full Moon? May the wisdom of turtle bless you with inner peace and holy vision today!

In the 2011/2012 portal of human awakening that i’ve identified that began on the New Moon of July 30th, we’re in the sixth lunar cycle of the 18 cycles, and it is the Hierophant archetype on the progressive Tarot journey we track through this portal at this time!  This FULL MOON is the fruition of an archetypal opportunity to re-vision the male spiritual teacher energy in our world. The turtle can be an inspiration, may we see the divine masculine in our world become a lover of the earth, like the turtle.