January 13, 2013 – New Dawn – Go For It!

The MOON is FULL tomorrow night (Sunday) at 11:30 pm pst. Everything inside and outaside is FLOWERING! This FULL MOON in Cancer is the fruition of the New Moon on Christmas Eve. That New Moon in Capricorn with Pluto marked an important archetypal shift point for masculine patriarchal religious authority. This archetype of male religious authority is going through a “re-authoring,” on a collective archetypal level. We are re-imagining how we do male divinity and male spiritual leadership in our world. (inside and out)

MERCURY SEXTILED SATURN late last night and we have communications work to do!  The morning ushers in a NEPTUNIAN SEXTILE with MERCURY and we may feel a river of energy, confusion or poetry moving through our mind this morning. The key is letting go more and more, with Neptune, allowing the divine to come through, allowing people to make mistakes, allowing ourselves to dream dreams.

Gemini MOON TRINE SATURN in Libra at 10:35 am, pst, (pacific standard time) and every real relationship is a friendship.  The romance may come and go, the passion, sex, or love with lovers or partners or even a husband or wife, may come or go, but friendship is forever. This trine honors the time-honored long-term support we give each other as friends. Today is a good day to send blessings to all of our “friends” in the world.

MOON in Gemini TRINES NEPTUNE in Aquarius at 11:21 am, pst and its a community celebration! We’re heading for a MOON / MERCURY OPPOSITION, so its good to surrender our attachments to “right and wrong,” especially when it comes to ourselves and other people, so we can enjoy our life today with others, in a community celebration of one kind or another, in spite of an ensuing Mercury Opposition!

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY at 11:52 am, pst, then goes into the VOID, before entering the Full Moon Sign of Cancer at 1:05 pm pst. For two hours in the afternoon, we’re “sliding between worlds,” a potentially slippery place, so again, good to go with the Neptunian flow and surrender to a flow of grace, allowing judgements and attachments to things that may or may not be working, go!  Its a good day to communicate where we need to, and let go of everything else, to enjoy the “flow” of real life in front of us, here and now.

MOON enters Cancer at 1:05 pm, pst and our inner home is more important than our “outer home.”  Especially in a time when a lot of people are losing their homes for different reasons, its good to acknowledge, even if we still have a solid homebase, that our true home is inside and physically, our real home is the Earth!

MOON is SEXTILE JUPITER at 2:20 pm, pst and this is a potentially sensual, expanded moment in time. It can be creative, abundant or filled with good food. Our senses are nourished from a Moon in Cancer to an expanded Jupiter in Taurus.

MOON SQUARES URANUS  2:58 pm pacific time and our invisible world may feel like it is “poking” us awake. We may not be “allowed,’ to relax because its time to celebrate!  Its best to surrender to wha archetypal stories and contexts for us to live into . . . stories we may never have imagined . . . spiritual paths that have never been walked.  Today we are called to another level of “setting ourselves free of the past, ” to walk into the VOID of the dawn of a new era. Here we can create anything we choose. The dawn is just barely warming up our blank canvas of the next 26,000 years. Not only did our world not “end,” in the way it was shown in the bad press, but we are gifted with its opposite, what a surprise–a whole new life, a whole new world!

May we begin by making it sacred. Today is a day to honor the sacredness of the dawn we cannot see. Our blank slate is not lit up enough for us to know what will be painted there. We are the unassuming master painters of the new world. We can live into this more fully, more freely, with more joy and more imagination than we’ve ever used before in our lives. This is the NEW WORLD .  . . . . whatever it is . . . . . whatever is deep in your heart today . . . . GO FOR IT!

There are no aspects until tomorrow when MOON enters Pisces and conjuncts NEPTUNE pre-dawn. From the VOID, to the SOULWATER we will go.



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