January 6, 2012 – Feminine Grace with Masculine Tension

MOON is still in airy Gemini today, heading into a TRINE with VENUS in Aquarius at 8:40 pm pst (pacific standard time). This is a sweet feminine energy of love and affection, especially between women.

MOON SQUARES MARS AT 8:44 pm, pst and there is tension between nurturing and action or between a masculine and feminine energy.  Tension is the lever for change and growth. It may be a night for wild dancing, but watch discussions so they don’t lead to angry debates!

VENUS is INCONJUNCT MARS at 9:26 pm – WATCH masculine and feminine tension!  Tonight is an awkward night for dating, better to find something to do that has a good use of tension, like square dancing, partner yoga, or exchanging bodywork.  This tension will pass, so best not to take anything personally tonight!