January 31, 2013 – Wake Up, Shake Up & Dance!

MOON SQUARED NEPTUNE in the middle of the night and we’ve been “swimming through a Neptunian flow” of one kind or another. MOON entered Gemini at 3:44 am pst, ringing in our ears with a “happy chatty vibe,” saying, Wake Up!  there is magic and love, kissing and talking to do today!

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 4:36 am and “We have the invisible connection with angelic and elemental energies,” to do anything.  This is the only aspect for the next two days as we fly toward a MOON TRINE VENUS in Aquarius tomorrow evening.

Today IS a MAGICAL day!  It is a day when thoughts become actions become realities. We are truly creators of our present, our future and our new golden era. We get to decide what our roll is in this “changing of the ages,” we face this year and in the next 10-20 years!! This year begins a giant portal of 4 years of change. None of us will evely lift of MOON and URANUS today!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 5:14 pm, is a call of the deep heart and soul to go even deeper!

MOON TRINE SUN at 9:04 pm, pst offers a dance between masculine and feminine or between intuitive and expressive parts of self, or between archetypal mates of any kind.

We are here to dance! With animals and plants, we dance in the sun, WIth friends we dance soulful songs together, with bees, we make honey. May we be like bees today, making our honey with love and invention!


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