January 4, 2012 – Pandora’s Feminine Box

Today there is a specific kind of VENUS tension in the air as MOON in Venus’ sign (Taurus) SQUARES VENUS in Aquarius in the middle of the night. This tension is related to another planetary duo, also traveling in Venus’ sign.

JUPITER and the asteroid: PANDORA are traveling hand in hand in Taurus, throwing out all our tame domesticated ideas about our bodies. Pandora with Jupiter expands our perspective past a lot of the moral limitations we may have had before. The truth is: we all LOVE to be touched! Everyone would love to be massaged, have oil rubbed all over, and then any sensual delights on top are icing. Everyone craves physical contact and love. So, humanity has permission to break out of its boxes that say, “Don’t Touch!” and Let Go!, Play, touch, allow to be touched, get a massage, love oneself or love another.

MOON TRINES MARS at 8:38 am, pst (pacific standard time) and we take off like a firefly today with details on our lists. MARS in Virgo is concerned with very practical details. Today is a day with a lot of energy for details!  Its also a day for healing and loving our bodies!  Our bodies are made of EARTH and today is an EARTH SIGN day!!

This MOON in earthy Taurus will SQUARE NEPTUNE late tonight tossing us into the RIVER. We’ll arise tomorrow morning with a MOON in Gemini SEXTILING magical URANUS at zero degrees Aries. Thursday can be a day of magical invisible world connected manifestations.

May the deep feminine stories of the past be healed in the bubbling light of the present day magic!