January 30, 2013 – Jupiter Direct – Big Work

MOON in four-footed TAURUS stands on the earthy ground TRINING PLUTO in Capricorn-public ground. As long as we can feel comfortable with our public infrastructure changing rapidly, old systems crumbling and a walk into an unknown economic future, we can feel grounded today as our inner emotional self makes a friendly relationship with this “Power Master of Death and Healthy Change” (PLUTO)  who is killing off unhealthy parts of our economic system. The exact trine was just before dawn, pst (pacific standard time) however we’ll feel this “power chaos that transforms for the better” as our ally all day long!

If we are in tou3:37 am, pst, to go DIRECT, after being retrograde since October 4th, 2012. When a planet is retrograde, we turn inward, we search deeply and we encounter transformative inner shifts. We’ve been in a deep inner journey time period for the last four months. As JUPITER, planet of good luck, travel, and abundance, moves FORWARD, we may feel a literal forward motion that takes us by surprise! This forward motion, into the external world–with our four month transformation in our pocket, may call us into a whole bunch of preparation and/or follow-through work!

SUN SQUARE SATURN this afternoon at 2:49 pm, pst is a creative work shift point! We meet a “corner,” that we need to negotiate between SATURN in Scorpio, calling for our focus on a deep healing path, meanwhile SUN in Aquarius is expanding into a diverse community, drawing our attention into many directions at once. These times we face are unprecedented in the calls for our attention! We are multi-taskers and sometimes we have to learn to FOCUS on what is most important in the moment, which just might be a call of the soul to work for what we love.

MOON TRINE VENUS this evening at 5:59 pm pst, offers us an opportunity to indulge in the divine goddess within! The feminine is rising and tonight is an aphrodite evening!

May we do the good work that serves our soul–all day–as we journey out of a four month transformation bubble of time–into the next phase of our evolutionary future. May we honor ourselves for all of our good work, by celebrating and nourishing this evening!


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