January 3, 2012 – Planting Seeds of Order within Chaos

MOON in four-footed TAURUS stands on the earthy ground TRINING PLUTO in Capricorn-public ground. As long as we can feel comfortable with our public infrastructure changing rapidly, old systems crumbling and a walk into an unknown economic future; we can feel grounded today, as our inner emotional self makes a friendly relationship with this “Power Master of Death and Healthy Change” (PLUTO),  who is killing off unhealthy parts of our economic system. The exact trine was just before dawn, pst (pacific standard time) however we’ll feel this “power chaos that transforms for the better” as our ally all day long!

If we are in touch with the cosmic laws and changing cycles of energy that hold our lives, then we can operate in harmony and balance with the earth and the heavens.  Today is a day to create steps that further that balance in our lives. In spite of the deathly crumbling our culture may still have to go through as we walk through the next four years of rapid decline of old structures, we can create steps in our personal lives that allow us to be grounded healthy creators of the new infrastructure, in the midst of rapid decline of the old, that we face in our journey ahead.

Pluto offers authentic cathartic purification to our financial and work life. This authentic force of “pure power,” offers our Capricorn realm of “economy,” a true healthy “death and rebirth,” over a 15 year period.  We are a few years into that death and rebirth!

SUN TRINES MOON this evening at 4:43 pm pst, SUN in Capricorn is lighting up our personal economic infrastructure and giving us the opportunity all month to feed it new ideas and new life, now TRINE the MOON in Taurus, giving us the connections to build a new future that will serve us over time in a way that increases the “pleasure and enjoyment quotient,” (a Taurian ideal) in our life.

Happy green grass growing today!  Planting seeds of joy.

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