January 1, 2012 – Fiery Creative Love in 2012!

The year opens with the MOON in fiery Aries, SEXTILING VENUS at 7:03 am pst. (pacific standard time). Venus is in Community-minded Aquarius so the love that is pouring in is universal and uniquely wild!  The year 2012 LOVES HUMANITY more than an average year!  2012 wants to carry humanity out of layers of nightmarish sleepfulness, lifting us into a frequency in which we can experience “heaven on earth.”

This fire new-beginnings MOON TRINES MERCURY in Sagittarius igniting our passion, our anger, singing, creativity, sex or wondrous new beginnings! We can direct this fire like a light we shine with our attention!  May your creative aliveness show you your 2012 map today!!


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