February 26, 2013 – Deep Healing Reset Portal in the Masculine Self

MOON is in watery unknown-containing Pisces SQUARE MERCURY in the middle of the night, then OPPOSING MARS just before dawn. These tension aspects have given us a lot to “chew on” in our dreams. MOON goes VOID with an OPPOSITION to MARS as we go into our day. We’re in the void today. The unknown, timeless limitless potential-zone. SUN rises in Capricorn holding our attention in a colder, more bare bones’ place for our yearly cycle.  There is an “unknown” quality to allow in the day as well as a quality of constriction for the year, in the solar cycle. We can be with these winter qualities in grace and right relationship.  An “unknown” mystery can be approached with wonder and curiosity, rather than the mind’s voracious tendency to need to know everything. Instead, we can sink into the velvety rich universal love in a truly “blank slate.” We can also have respect for and attend to the “bones” of our physical existence, rather than feeling limited by it, knowing we’ll spread our wings out into the freedom of creation at the Summer Solstice. This is the dark quiet inner time.

It is the end of 2011 and 2012 is exciting, unknown and filled with new unmanifest potentials and lifejuice. PLUTO comes closest to EARTH this evening at 6:26 pm.There may be an eery feeling in the air as the MOON is still in the void, just before it conjuncts URANUS while entering Aries, as if we are in the eery “calm” before a storm of one kind or another.

MOON will enter Aries late tonight at 1:48 am pst (pacific standard time). Tomorrow is a day of MOON in cardial T-Square all day along with MERCURY, touching the last days of the retrograde window is SQUARE MARS this is communications and growth tension in whatever areas in our life we have VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS. These signs are always in Mutable Square with each other and tomorrow, MARS and MERCURY OCCUPY the Virgo Sagittarius conversation in our lives. This is a power to manage with cag the FULL MOON energy, like a surfer in his favorite wave, letting go, releasing down into the VOID, unknown, next steps. . .

May our next steps into the VOID be with trust.


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