November 5, 2011 – Watery Void for Soul Tending

MOON in Capricorn SQUARES SATURN in Libra pre-dawn, going into the VOID.  MOON enters Aquarius at 9:14 am, pst (pacific standard time). At 9:53 am, MOON SQUARES Freshly DIRECT JUPITER in Taurus. Where two people are fixed at odds with each other, one or the other has to give, so everyone can move toward the CENTER, which allows all beings to have their unique perspective and discernment system for moving through life.

MOON in Community-Aquarius SEXTILES URANUS in Aries and we’re on some kind of rocket-ship new adventure with community if we choose to be–it might be fun!

MOON conjuncts VENUS in Aquarius at 11:33 pm, pst and its a beautiful evening for a Kwanza celebration, or a divine feminine celebration, or a showering of feminine love and beauty upon the new reborn Divine Masculine. What do our new Male Spiritual Authorities look and feel like? The old ones are gone.  el our hearts, our souls and to touch the hearts and souls of others.

Deep longings, soul calls & heart plea’s are all alive today. Its a day to nourish each other meanwhile each of us may feel our own depths asking us to heal, make peace, intend, dream and transform all that we long for, into a beacon of radiant faith that our purest desires will manifest, if we’re willing to feel them fully.

May your emotions receive the nourishment of the warm fires of friendship.  Deep Blessings.

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