December 9, 2011 – Ready: again, RADICAL SHIFT!

MOON in Winter Capricorn trines productive active MARS in VIRGO today at 1:11 pm pst (pacific standard time). We have the energy to lift ourselves and humanity out of the shadows that drape over it and us like chainmail. We’re in an inner work and preparation period assign of cardinal fire and and leadership since 2010. This planetary lightning striker of change is making its way ever so slowly through the sign of Aries. It stopped on July 10th to go RETROGRADE this year and has been pulling back the bow and arrow inside of us, retracing our steps where needed, preparing us for the launch of its direct action arrow of light and divine sacred humor. Every one of us has an “old empire” inside and Uranus will break this part down inside of each of us in unique ways. We’re learning how to have fun in this shift of leadership from old male-dominated ways, to renewed ways of leadership that incorporate an equal amount of feminine energy into the process (whether we are man or woman). This is an energetic shift and affects all of us!

Tonight is a night to work with arch-angels, plant spirits, animal spirits, and the rich and diverse spirit world that we have contact with. We have allies who want to work with us during this change. If we can receive their communications, shock can become wonder in an instant. Its good to be a professional at “rolling with it,” as we see how little control we have at times over the outside world. We have absolute power in how we perceive, how we respond and where we focus our attention. It is best to find humor in the glitches that occur and “keep looking for the invisible magic” in every situation.  When Uranus changes direction, there will be “quirks,” and there will be invisible magic afoot.

Love to your Uranus on this Wild Change Night!!



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