December 25, 2011 – Santa Jupiter Direct – Phoenix Rising;

MOON in Winter Capricorn trines productive active MARS in VIRGO today at 1:11 pm pst (pacific standard time). We have the energy to lift ourselves and humanity out of the shadows that drape over it and us like chainmail. We’re in an inner work and preparation period as the fresh new MOON of the NEW SOLAR CYCLE of 2012 is just beginning to stir, quietly aiming toward the new sky of summer sun ahead. Every one of us will flower the seeds and sprouts we nurture now.  It is a year to DREAM BIG!

JUPITER has been RETROGRADE since August 30th. Our Great Father of the Gifting Void, Jupiter has been pulling back the bow of an arrow, asking us to go all the way back to our essential and pure heart’s desires.  Jupiter harkens us to Galactic Center, located in the J’s ruling sign of Sagittarius. Sometimes i think of Jupiter as Ganesh.  Ganesh is the character in the God/Goddess Pantheon that most resembles mythic Jupiter. So today this creation force of ours STATIONS, SLOWING WAY DOWN, (at 2:09 pm, pst) so that we may notice the ripples of love and divinity that make the fabric of life – time is slowed by grace today.

As Jupiter stations our purpose is flashing in our chakric way-stations. If we have a block in one chakra or another, to our higher purpose and mission here in this body and life, then we’ll notice that chakra blinking like a lighthouse today–calling our attention to all the areas that need to “clear out,” before a flood of divinity and clarity comes through.


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