December 7, 2011 – Big Grand Earth Trine

MERRY NEW MOON!!! MOON entered Capricorn at 5:47 am, TRINED JUPITER at 6:24 and SQUARED URANUS at 7am, pst (pacific standard time), before touching the sun at the NEW MOON moment at 10:06 am, pst. The New Jesus is Within!  This New Moon, at 2 degrees Capricorn, is a potent DEATH and REBIRTH portal for our “inner Jesus.”  Our inner divine masculine has an opportunity to wipe out the old “spiritual order” inside and re-seed something more open, magical, reverent and empowered.

Last night i was up all night with ameoba’s in my stomach attempting to start a whole new population, in the dark of the moon. (I’ve had ameoba’s many times from world-travel and know the symptoms) Luckily, i had my first-aid kit of essential oils and i was drinking “Di-Gize” which has anti-parasitic power. I literally digested all the parasites over the course of the night with the help of these potent oils of peppermint, ginger and a list of others. Without the plant assistance, it would have been a lot more work and a lot more pain in my stomach. The plants, my steadfast allies on earth, make it all a lot easier.

I’m sharing this personal story because every person has their version of this cathartic opportunity of today and tomorrow to destroy all the old “parasitic orders,” that may have all kinds of plans to occupy stomachs and earth plane’s everywhereive projects, our relationships, and our livelihood.


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