December 18, 2011 – Relationship Restructure & Art into form

MOON moves into Libra in the middle of the night pre-this-dawn, touching the relationship point of the Cardinal Cross of change! MOON OPPOSES URANUS in Aries and our inner revolution is re-ignited and moving forward.

VENUS in Capricorn SQUARES SATURN in Libra at 6:18 am, pst (pacific standard time) and we are doing the work to manifest the next level of form for our authentic art! We are also going to the next level of “form” in relationships. This is a creative tension/work aspect.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 9:24 am pst has communications flowing with sky-fed intuition, in the midst of the tension of deep restructuring.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 11:45 am, pst and we overcome an afternoon death moment. This can be a point of emotional tension, or a work crux point, since PLUTO is in Capricorn, restructuring our worklife and our economy. We’re moved to shift and change where pluto call’s us to, this afternoon. Emotions are “energy in motion,” so good to keep the energy moving in this working emotional square!

Our worklife will be sun-touched as SUN will SEXTILE SATURN tomorrow morning, so the work we do today, will be touched by sunlight tomorrow morning!