September 24, 2011-Socially Awkward Deep Healing Day

MOON is still in detail-oriented Virgo this morning. SUN in Sagittarius SQUARES MOON in the LAST QUARTER SQUARE at 4:48 pm, pst (pacific standard time), stepping us down to the dark waning quarter of the Eclipse Lunar cycle we’re completing this week.

MOON TRINES VENUS in the evening at 6:29 pm, pst, before going into the VOID. This gives us a creative venusian evening of grounding the details of an eclin here and there is part of the journey!

MOON into Virgo at 9:49 pm pdt (pacific daylight time).  Tomorrow and Monday are cleaning, organizing and details days.  Moon is waning, so its a good time to clean out our  “closets!” The MOOn is waning so energy is being removed from us as we go down into the dark last few days of this current lunar cycle.

URANUS closest to EARTH, at 10:08 pm pdt.  Shock, Revelation, Awakening, Electrical Activation. Uranus in Aries is breaking apart our old ego and building us a new one, still in trine with Mars in Leo, we’re activated with the revolution inside and outside.

Tomorrow is still a deep day, but not nearly as awkward as today!  So we can choose to allow the beautiful awkwardness of humanity and our own raw contact with our deep healing process to warm our hearts , as we remind ourselves, we’re not here to be perfect, but to be authentically ourselves on the wheel, as a force that balances with all the other aspects here.

Each of us is you-nique! We are called into transparency and authenticity and we are called to free ourselves from judgements of what others may say or do (especially today).  Each one is perfect with all imperfections.  Wounds surface to be healed. We are all becoming more whole.