December 11, 2011 – Home Integration of Wild Uranian Eclipse Energy

Today is a day when one might feel like a cartoon character who just had some wild experience who sits, integrating as multiple realities converge. MOON, freshly eclipsed in Gemini, trined NEPTUNE in the middle of the night, touching us into our spiritual river, in spite of whatever chaos we’ve walked through in the last days. MOON entered home-loving Cancer around dawn at 5:26 am, pst. (pacific standard time)

From the sign of Cancer, MOON SQUARES URANUS, freshly stationary direct in Aries. We may feel “out of the ordinary” this morning. The more we connect with our invisible world, the more comfortable the working squares to Uranus can be. This is about re-arranging a home situation so that it honors the natural spirit energy and how it wants to move through us at this time. “Home is truly where our heart is,” and our heart is undergoing a transformative process. Many people are in a home-transition of one kind or another. If there is a shift in the home area we can make today–to shift the flow of energy into something that supports more of our personal self mastery–what might that be?

MOON SEXTILED JUPITER just after SQUARING URANUS, at 6:40 am, pst. Jupiter reminds us that no-matter what challenges we may be facing in our lives, we have humor, and we can always touch the sky, our angels, or our own passionate arts and travels for nourishment. It is important to garner the focus of attention from our lives, into the things that bring us joy, especially, when Jupiter is around.

MOON OPPOSES PLUTO this evening at 6:03 pm, pst and we have another opportunity to have a “little death.” We are working with the power of life, death and transformation. As our personal emotional MOON OPPOSES PLUTO in Capricorn, we are initiated through another minor PLUTONIAN CHAMBER this evening. Its good to take this power of life, death and transformation, into one’s own hands, and wield a great purification or choice-filled rebirth.

The times are intense, energy is moving fast, we’re asked to keep up with the changes and fast moving energy. We may feel stretched to full capacity.  We’re killing off the old and bringing in the new, on many different levels–big levels and a little tiny death cycle this evening.

CHEERS! to both underworld and angelic, as we and the world balance between polarities.