December 10, 2011 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Rising

this FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Gemini is at 6:32-6:36 am pst. With Mercury retrograde around Galactic Center, we’re in circular time, revisiting pasts, meanwhile firing up our visionary side. Our planets have us on purpose if we’re listening. The wheel is turning fast and we’re riding a high frequency manifestation wave that is Jupiter-touched. On the shadow side, all kinds of secrets and hidden truths are bubbling up out of all kinds of old cauldrons. The ethers are teaching us and speaking with us. It is an unconventional, fast-paced, direct, honest and radical moment of concentrated power.

In this time of mercury retrograde, along with the eclipses focused across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, point to powerful teachings through our experiences in these days from our ancestors, from spirit beings that are ours & from syncronistic encounters. We know what we need to be doing, if we’ve been listening. If we feel confused in any way at this time it is a profound time for silence. A lunar eclipse is an opportunity to be touched by divine energy in a reverent magical and reconstructive way.

This potent freshly ECLIPSED MOON makes a TRINE with SATURN in Libra at 11:05 pm, pst. Libra, relationship sign, is where our restructure planet (Saturn) has been hanging out. We are learning to collaborate well with our “brothers and sisters.” We, humanity are one family and today is a day of feeling that and communicating in a new way that addresses that shift.  How do we restructure our world to support our expanded understanding of self as part of one humanity, connected by human soul? What does commerce look like when it contains this understanding of our interconnectedness on a biological, physics and soul level?  Today is a day to honor soul along with grounding the logistics and details required for successful collaboration. If we forget to honor soul, Mercury will trickster over us so nothing works until we let go, sometimes in these moments of break down, we are left with a focus on heart and soul.

Today’s Gemini-Eclipse mission for humanity is how do we talk to each other in a new way, incorporating more REVERENCE and WONDER into our daily perceptions?