November 3, 2011 – Grounding Prior to Impending BIG SHIFT

The astrologer was in transit this day, driving straight across the country in record time for one person!  MOON in Taurus SQUARED NEPTUNt floor. This is the kind of grounding of a Moon in Aquarius trining Saturn in Libra today–offered by our skyweather internalmover-reflection.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS at 5:06 pm adds some spicey passion into the mix with some kind of paradox, challenge, choice, right action moment.  There is potential for moments of triggering by masculinity.  Feminine emotions and Masculine actions and desires are at odds. Best to compromise in interesting and unusual ways that distract the common patterns of old bad mars/moon (masculine/feminine). We’re stepping out of old ways, into new ways, even in the midst of emotional or action-related challenges.

MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE at the end of Aquarius at 8:40 pm pdt, then goes VOID, (between signs) creating a field of slippery wonderland as Moon prepares to sink into the vast oceanic waters of Pisces.

MOON into PISCES just after midnight late tonight. Super Sweet Dreams!


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