December 22, 2011 – Deep Dark Grace

MOON is in most eccentric Gemini today as we rise this morning, it is OPPOSITE MERCURY RETROGRADE for more odd circular thoughts and experiences. We are not on linear time today.  We may never be on our “known version of linear time again,” as we move forward into our human consciousness shift which changes our frequency of LIGHT, therefore our qualities of TIME.  Either way, whether we reform a semblance of linear time after today, or not, we’re surfing a mythically spiralling galaxy of wonder and she has surprises of all kinds for us in the next few days. If you thought Pandora was something, she was just a nice story, our world is about to experience an “opening of all of pandora and others’ boxes,” for us and all to see. We will not be able to stop this unprecedented sharing of secrets, once it gets started, so we might as well join the party and begin looking at what skeletons in our closet need a new haircut and a costume before being exposed to the world. Meanwhile secret shadow pieces are always deep gifts and healings in disguise, so there’s really nothing to be afraid of, even in this releasing of dark underground secrets of all kinds–its all a clock-worked miracle and we’re just a sprout, readying ourselves for transformational FLOWERING in the light of the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE tomorrow morning at dawn. In this eclipse, we are killing off the OLD EMPEROR archetype, meaning the old leadership archetype. We are killing off and rebirthing our leaders in this world. Many old bad leaders will fall in the next year. (Thank Goddess-wow, with the level of corruption we’ve embedded there–our world needs this now.) It is time to be scanning ourselves and others for the authentic divinely guided leadership inside.

MOON in Gemini SQUARES MARS in Virgo at 8:44 pm this evening and we’re feeling the “grunge point” of our work in this eclipse. We are called to communicate clearly even in times of stress, chaos, anger, or other intense happenings or feelings. If we align with our “higher self,” and an underlying gratitude for the miracle of life, as an underlying fabric to everything we communicate, the higher our experience of these tension points will be. This is a deeply preparative aspect with a high demand on output from us, in preparation.

URANUS DIRECT at 11:04 pm, pst, (after MIDNIGHT in the rest of the country) We will feel this Planetary LORD of INVISIBLE FORCES. Uranus, when she is changing directions, casts a ring of chaos around the shift, reminding moving across all its retrograded points–in an unfolding way that we may see the spiralling alchemical nature of time and communications coming to fruition in the most beautiful ways. When we see this interconnected magic that today offers, we know that we live in an interconnected world that loves us and we are a beacon of love, ourselves, communicating with other beacons.

May the whole world be lit with the fire and passion of LOVE today!


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