December 6, 2011 – Expansion of Economic Healing

Last night we overcame a limitation as MOON in Aries OPPOSED SATURN in Libra. MOON SEXTILED NEPTUNE in the middle of the night round 3:12 am, then MOON went VOID, entering Taurus this morning at 6:34 am, pst

At 8:36 am, pst, MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER, adding an expansive quality to the day, especially in the realm of money, food, beauty and sensuality.

JUPITER SEXTILES CHIRON in Pisces at 4:03 pm, pst. We have an expanded opportunity to heal and educate ourselves in some way that empowers us through a chironic healing process that is larger than we are.

MOON TRINES PLUTO at 7:38 pm, pst. Taurus to Capricorn. Personal earth and collective earth are making sacred geometry to assist the economic transformation we’re all undergoing together. We can ground ourselves in our authentic heart’s desires as a guide to this transformation. Lke a flashlight, our healthiest most fertile desires point to our very next focus. Our work today has a sense of taking a risk, having faith and perseverance as we womanifest our new economy one breath , one idea as a time.