December 4, 2011 – Retro-Communications Traction Action

Pre-dawn, SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY, firing us up with solar flare power in our mental communications body. We are ignited with personal inspiration to communicate–we can allow this flow to carry us like a river raft of words, into our destiny.  We’re coming back into “traction energy,” from the VOID MOON period of the last two days. Still in the ECLIPSE FIELD, we’re in a highly extreme-charged time!

MOON in Cardinal Fire sign Aries SQUARES PLUTO in Cardinal earth–Capricorn, around sunrise at 6:40 am, pst. The deaths of emperor ego’s are falling to the ground. Purity of heart and kindness of spirit is being elevated by the winds of transformation and change as the Uranus-touched MOON meets Power PLUTO in a death & resurrection point.

MOON SQUARES VENUS at 2:56 pm, pst, and two feminine energies may come from different perceptions. Its good to move Venus tension with music and dance!

MERCURY SQUARES MARS at 3:19 pm, pst. The MIND is SQUARE the WILL.  This is a transition and tension point for the masculine self.  Handle communications with care!

MOON TRINES MERCURY RETROGRADE at 4pm, pst.   We can utilize the “magician quality,” of this Mercury retrograde to “call back to ourselves,” pieces of our soul that have been lost, fragmented or forgotten.  We can also invoke magical things from our past, find checks in our old mail and all round ‘communications, mail & car magic and/or trickster’ abounds today!

SUN TRINES MOON at 7:20 pm, pst and the Masculine and Feminine dance beautifully together, each supporting the other in their divine purpose on earth, each supporting the other to shine more, fulfill dreams, and access more service for humanity, reveling in the cosmic dance of life!!

Cheers between Eclipses!  Never leave home without your super care-ful-ness and your sword of truth) these dayss! Soul’s Discovery Blessings!