November 30, 2011 – Community, Communications, New Structure

MOON is still in its first quarter, waxing with new life in a potent ECLIPSE change portal. This MOON in Aquarius SEXTILES MERCURY retrograding in Sagittarius, pre dawn at 5:36 am, pdt. What old friends do are we called to reconnect with today?  What was that idea we had so long ago that is now totally relevant and useful?  Its time to rewrite, edit and review our whole life package!

MOON TRINE SATURN at 10:37 pm, pst. and we can GROUND and feel nourished by our family friends and community.

May this airy fiery retrograde energy rework your life into more and more magic, grace and fulfillment!

November 29, 2011 – Eclipse Portal Creative Window

MOON in New Era Focused-Aquarius SEXTILED URANUS in the middle of the night, charging us with idealistic inspiration. This MOON in Aquarius also SQUARES JUPITER in our pre-dawn dreaming, touching us with the grace that overcomes tensions.

SUN in Sacred-Fire Sagittarius SEXTILES MOON in fun & computer-loving Aquarius at 12:09 pst. We can carry out next steps for our visionary projects on our home-computers today!  Masculine and Feminine are dancing in creative visionary energy together, each supporting the other in the next dance step!

Tomorrow MOON, MERCURY & SATURN are all in airy communicative friendship together for visionary grounding into community!

We are creating and dancing the new era into being!

November 28, 2011 – Shifting How We Work

MOON in work-oriented Capricorn SQUARES SATURN in Social relating Libra at 3:01 pm. We have an opportunity (with the help of MERCURY RETROGRADE) and the cathartic field of the ECLIPSES we’re BETWEEN, we can rewrite the “script” of our work life.

With Saturn in Libra, our work shift is influenced by people around us in our community. We can feel our way into the changes through the wisdom of our close community. We are changing our way of making a living and the way our communities work with an economic system.

MOON goes VOID at 3:01 pm, between Capricorn and Aquarius. If you have something important to do, its best to do it today before 3pm pst (pacific standard time)

MOON into Aquarius late night at 11:02 pm pst–guiding us in creating our new era.

Deep care-filled blessings in this eclipse field!  May deaths, births and transformations be in grace.

November 27, 2011 – Abundance Transformer

MOON CONJUNCTED PLUTO pre-dawn giving more of the LIFE/DEATH/Transformer portal feeling in this Eclipse field we’re in between two eclipses. We’re are each responsible to transform our own personal economic system.

MOON in Capricorn TRINE MARS in Virgo is a good work and laying the ground work aspect for our new personal economic system.

VENUS TRINES JUPITER at 1:23 pm pst and we’re given an abunance key. Venus and Jupiter in earth realms together in a sacred geometric friendship bring us the opportunit for abundance, creativity and beauty–to be used wherever most needed today!

May your personal economic system be freed of the inequitable inhospitable system that is collapsing. And may the magic of today inspire your new abundance.

November 26, 2011 – Miracle Healing Work

MOON CONJUNCTS MERCURY RETROGRADE in Sagittarius in the middle of the night and we’re in the instigation and shifting chamber of Mercury’s trickster nature.

VENUS (feminine love) traveling so near the MOON (mama feminine) enters earthly Capricorn at 4:36 am, just pre-dawn, pst. (pacific standard time). This for our inner feminine is a time to “get down to some serious work.”

MOON in Sagittarius SEXTILES SATURN in Libra  at 11:12 am, pst and we can feel the grace and support of community today.

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE this evening adding Divine Cosmic Community GraceWater into the evening at 4:06 pm, pdt, sending the MOON into the VOID between Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Within this VOID, VENUS freshly into CAPRICORN, SQUARES URANUS in Aries at 6:27 pm, pst. This square is waxing, building in its power. This tension point is the grunge point of whatever practical miracle work we have. The Divine Feminine is challenged to make a miracle where a miracle is needed. We have the power, and we must work for it. We know what we need to do.

MOON into Capricorn at 7:04 pm, pst, Divine Mother, into the sign of work–this is a “practical miracle working” evening. Work, work, work, miracle.

VENUS in Capricorn SEXTILES CHIRON in Pisces at 7:34 pm, pst ~ This is a powerful aspect for deep healing through a kind of work that comes out of loving. Venus in Capricorn has the stamina to work hard, and the sextile to Chiron reveals a force of grace for healing. We can create a healing miracle in this energy.

MOON in Capricorn SQUARES URANUS in Aries at 8:16 pm and we’re moving into un uncomfortable stretch point, containing the potential for breakthrough new beginnings to emerge out of the fires of the death of the old empire in each of us.  Viva La Revolucion Adentro!

MOON CONJUNCTS VENUS in earthly Capricorn at 8:27 pm, pst and the Divine Feminine is afoot and she’s stirring her own cauldron of creation power. This is fertile energy for manifestation and Divine Feminine Practical Magic!

MOON in Capricorn TRINES JUPITER in Taurus at 10:01 pm, pst. These two old friends, MOON and JUPITER expand our human world every time they come together. In the earth signs, we can nourish ourselves, standing firmly on this earthly ground, feeling the magic of earth energy. Now is a time-late in this evening, to send our prayers and intentions for what we choose to manifest–into this earthen fertile magic carpet bringing dreams into form.  Remember to make a wish on a star tonight, and remember a magic carpet is afoot.