November 28, 2011 – Shifting How We Work

MOON in work-oriented Capricorn SQUARES SATURN in Social relating Libra at 3:01 pm. We have an opportunity (with the help of MERCURY RETROGRADE) and the cathartic field of the ECLIPSES we’re BETWEEN, we can rewrite the “script” of our work life.

With Saturn in Libra, our work shift is influenced by people around us in our community. We can feel our way into the changes through the wisdom of our close community. We are changing our way of making a living and the way our communities work with an economic system.

MOON goes VOID at 3:01 pm, between Capricorn and Aquarius. If you have something important to do, its best to do it today before 3pm pst (pacific standard time)

MOON into Aquarius late night at 11:02 pm pst–guiding us in creating our new era.

Deep care-filled blessings in this eclipse field!  May deaths, births and transformations be in grace.