December 6, 2012 – Incantations for a new dance of life

MOON freshly ECLIPSED, in the elevated sign of Sagittarius, asks us to take a moment of silence this morning to feel our own inner directive of our heart (the portal through which we travel inwardly to Sagittarian galactic center). What do we long to experience this upcoming year?  What does our heart cry out for in the night and when we wake up in the morning?  What is our heart’s deepest desire?  OUR HEART is our window to our soul’s many experiences through many lifetimes.  We’ve travelled a long way to make it here. This multi-dimensional heart and its current feelings and sensibilities are important today! Our heart’s deep inner callings and deep inner intelligence can be invoked for our focus of meditation if we wish, feeling into the details of the journey we have travelled in life and love, community and creative expression. Are we feeling fulfilled and on the right path creatively and in love?  If not, we ask for the clarity of our heart’s deepest desires and impulses. What do we deeply and truly desire from our core?  Each day we can make one action that moves toward a heart’s impulse or unfolds an intuitive leaning into an unknown pathway.  Its good to lean into our intuitive pathways today, as the only aspect is this NEW MOON (freshly Eclipsed) SQUARING MARS pre-dawn at 5:08 am. pst. (pacific standard time). We are birthing something new and it will be emerging out of our HEART WOMB, so it is good if we spend some time meditating with this Heart-Womb of ours!!  What is in that womb percolating and bubbling?

Although there is just this one MARS MOON SQUARE today, calling us into new beginnings. Tomorrow VENUS makes some big shifts!  She gets serious in work-sign Capricorn, then SQUARES URANUS in the evening meanwhile SEXTILING CHIRON at 7:34 pm, pst. This venus shift carries a sudden feeling of “getting down to business,” and “accepting deep healing from a new friend.”  MOON also moves from fiery galaxy-aiming Sagittarius to Wo SING OUR PRAYERS, our wishes, and our resolutions.

Amidst this time asking us to change rapidly on many levels, we are able to call in grace. This gift of grace is available in any moment, if we call it forward. May grace emanate from our hearts into our world.

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