Happy Death, Birth and Transformation today!  It is a real day of purification, seed planting and renewal. SUN in Sagittarius touches JUPITER in Taurus in an awkward 150 degree aspect and we’re stretching into this BIg Thanksgiving Day, feeling “stretched” first thing in the morning at 7:43 am pst.

MOON at the end of Scorpio SQUARES NEPTUNE at the end of Aquarius at 3:04 pm, pdt, sending the MOON into the VOID before entering Sagittarius at 5:57 pm pst. The day is consumed with Food, cooking, eating and there is danger in overeating or feeling overwhelmed by the whole Thanksgiving production. Whatever the case, its always good to let go of expectations, surrender to what is, and “roll with the mistakes” that come with Mercury Retrograde and Moon square Neptune.

VENUS SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 5:52 pm, giving us the opportunity for glamor, beauty, good food, entertainment and even possibly romance. This glowing soft soothing energy feeds us at a time when the dark moon eclipse energy can have an undertow. We are supported even in the darkest hour.

MOON in Sagittarius TRINES URANUS in Aries and NEW LIFE, NEW PROJECTS and NEW REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS are afoot!  (even though we may feel a little strange as the energy reaches its “low” in the monthly lunar cycle.)

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place at 10:10 pm, pst (pacific standard time). We are inescapably birthing our next human era. We can invoke whatever we’d like into this new era. We are the birthing mothers and fathers. This ecilpse will further “kill off,” the old dying empire, offering a powerful birthing ground for this new world coming.

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE marks the beginning of the EMPEROR cycle. We are eclipsing the old Emperor/male leader archetype and birthing a new male leader archetype, perhaps in the fires of the Occupy movement new leaders are being born, meanwhile the old leaders are being exposed for corruption.  This trend continues as we officially “eclipse the emperor.”

The male-dominated economy and social system is crumbling more in this cycle.  May we hospice it with loving forgiveness.  Blessings to all deaths and transitions in this time. New Life is brewing under the surface. We can trust the new impulses of life deep under our own soil inside. Blessings to all dying and birthing.

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