November 18, 2011 – Preparing New Ground

This morning the MOON in Leo is SEXTILING SATURN in Libra pre-dawn at 4:28 am, pdt (pacific daylight time). We’re grounding into our work before we wake up!  Saturn has been in the sign of relationship throughout 2011, “working us over” pressuring us into humility an compassion, all year long. Keys : authenticity and clear intention.

At 7:09 am, MOON SQUARES SUN on its way down, now one week away from the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE coming, as we cross into the “last quarter” of this EMPRESS lunar cycle, stepping down into the DARK QUARTER of purification, rest, inner work and release. We may want to meditate on how we need to prepare for the upcoming portal point on the NEW MOON ECLIPSE.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE at 11:06 am, pdt and the water level is higher than usual. MOON goes VOID between Leo and Virgo until grounding in Virgo at 2:19 pm, pdt.

The Virgo/Pisces axis can be about preparation versus overwhelm. If we prepare, then we are not as overwhelmed later.  Its good to prepare for earthquakes if we’re in an earthquake-prone area, and otherwise, “reinforce” areas that are vulnerable during times of potential miscommunications with mercury retrograde, or a “fall” during the eclipse field, which tends to take us down, if we have any negative thinking at all. We’re entering a time where we can ask ourselves to be hypervigilant with our intuition for ourselves, our families and others around the world.

MOON TRINES JUPITER at 6:50 pm, pdt from earth to earth and we’re in a time of both preparation and expansion.  We can work on grounding and expanding new resources for the future.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in Virgo at 9:12 pm, pdt and we have the energy to till new soil, prepare new ground and in general, do what is needed to forge the new world in the ensuing ashes of the old. What is the world all the protesters will accept.  Who are the leaders the occupiers will call forth?  Mars in Virgo will give us the raw force and power to transform the way our daily life and daily government functions work.  We’re the mothers and fathers of this revolution and new era, coming. We have a dark death/challenge portal of two months to get through–we can do it in grace.


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