November 17, 2011 – Ring of Fire

Good Morning Warriors of the Light,

This is one of those days to pick up the sword, have Kali or our personal favorite goddess on our left, our personal favorite God on our right, and head off into our day with the white fire of the power of LOVE in our hearts. As Warriors of the Light, we are called in these times, to serve as the light that shines, as we step more deeply into the SHADOW of the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on November 24.  Most astrological wisdom keepers call the “shadow” ten days before the eclipse.  That would mean we entered this dark, birth/death portal of the eclipse territory’s most intense sphere of influence, three days ago. We’re now on a persephone’s journey together, with our Occupy Movement, with our own personal lives, we’ll be facing demons, and that is ok.  They will make us stronger and clearer as they arise in front of us.  Swords may be required in the days to come (swords of truth and impeccable use of mind that is). We are traversing a dark portal consisting of TWO CONSECUTIVE LUNAR CYCLES (as the core of this dark portal). At this time, the divine feminine is challenged to overcome any interferences to joining together in circles, (men and women). This next lunar cycle–coming, with the new moon ecilpse takes us to the following cycle which will be a New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas Eve–this xmas new moon has PLUTO nearby to add the kiss of death to this second cycle in a row–creating quite a profound and cathartic portal of LIFE/DEATH & TRANSFORMATION! May we all be the light for each other as we step down into the underworld of the next two months. We CAN create “heaven on earth,” even in these times, and it is called for the priests and priestesses to hold the light in these times of intensive transition!

In my mythology about this 18 LUNAR CYCLE PORTAL OF HUMAN AWAKENING : [July 30, 2011–December 2012]: This eclipse begins the fifth tarot archetype (and Fifth lunar cycle portal), Tarot number FOUR, the EMPEROR.  In our consciousness, in our leadership and in our lives in all aspects, we may consciously midwife our “Fathers” and our Patriarch’s through the deaths they may choose in this time. We thank them for their service. We <3 you. Grace be with you–and stay focused on the New Life and New Births, also coming in the portal!

MOON TRINES MERCURY at 4:08 pm, pst and our personal selves are chatting with the fire of divine light, our higher selves, our creative passion, our sexual flight. We are ALIVE and ON FIRE, so its great to use it in all the best ways!

MOON TRINES VENUS at 7:59 pm, pst (pacific standard time). From Leo to Sagittarius, our LION HEARTS can shoot arrows of divine perfection, up to the heavenly realms for instant manifestation. No miracle is too small. Aim for the stars even in the portal of the underworld part of our journey of awakening!!

Blessed be the peacemakers, the musicians, the light-warriors, indigenous elders and occupiers, blessed are those who care about the soul of our world! We can hold lanterns for each other and together we’ll make it through this portal of darkness.

We’ll be called to “fill Christmas with the real Christ light.”



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