November 12, 2011 – Healing Masculine Polarity

MARS OPPOSED CHIRON in the middle of the night last night at 2:57 am, pst (pacific standard time). We are overcoming our masculine wounds, struggles and expressions of “right action.” Mars opposite Chiron from Virgo to Pisces is a potent aspect that has some charge to it! This is a great time for paying attention to the healing messages in dreams and opportunities that may arise to make changes that empower more “right action,” and balancing of masculine extremes.

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY at 1:22 pm, pst and we are challenged to communicate through tension. Authentic truthful communication, no matter what the message, if communicated with compassion and respect, can be received by another. We may feel the fruition of writing and editing projects calling us to completion!

MOON in Gemini OPPOSES VENUS in Sagittarius at 2:14 pm, pst and our affections and creative projects are igniting our sacred fires!  There could be some love tension, and yet we can overcome this with creativity.

MARS INCONJUNCT URANUS is an awkward aspect that that can cause technical difficulties. Right action is led by pure intuition. Our inner guidance often tells us to move in a direction that seems “impractical.”  If we’re being guided to move in a direction that seems impractical or impossible–we’re called to take a leap of faith! This is a moment to say a prayer, honoring the unknown realm of miracles and ask for one, in the area where we need it most.

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