January 14, 2012 – Relationship Restructureville

MARS OPPOSED CHIRON in the middle of the night last night at 2:57 am, pst (pacific standard time). We are overcoming our masculine wounds, struggles and expressions of “right action.” Mars opposite Chiron from Virgo to Pisces is a potent aspect that has some charge to it! This is a great time for paying attention to the healing messages in dreams and opportunities that may arise to make changes that empower more “right action,” and balancing of masculine extremes.

MOON OPPOSES MERCURY at 1:22 pm, pst and we are challenged to communicate through tension. Authentic truthful communication, no matter what the message, if communicated with compassion and respect, can be received by another. We may feel the fruition of writing and editing projects calling us to completion!

MOON in Gemini OPPOSES VENUS in Sagittarius at 2:14 pm, pststem and replenish it with healthy living energy – after giving it an enema!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 11:15 pm pst and communications are a challenge, if we let them. Lets be “tired of talking and go to bed.” Watch frustration and anger. When we face difficulties, and we can go to our deep authentic heart and send prayers from this place, they are powerful prayers.

This is a night for powerful prayers for our own growth and evolution in relationships, so relationships may form in our lives that we can count on to be a “bedrock,” of new world infrastructure that is fresh and alive, rather than crumbling, and filled with joy, inspiration, wonder and all of the things we long for in companionship.

This realm of relationship, with Saturn in it, is asking itself all kinds of questions, what do you believe about your own heart’s journey at this time, in relationship? All if this is in the cooking pot of today!



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