November 11, 2011 – Happy Oneness Day – Communion with all Humanity

We are crossing DEEP TERRITORY as the Sun traverses the last degrees of Scorpio. The shadow has bubbled up all month, asking us for attention. MOON SQUARED NEPTUNE at 8:27 am, then went into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini. If we feel confused, lost, undecided, or emotionally weird–this square explains it. We’re learning to work with “going with the flow,” even when that flow is different than we expected.

CHIRON went direct yesterday after five months of retrograde and we’re doing some kind of deep healing since May, of digging deep into the self for excavating caverns of our wounds, cleaning them out so they can be washed with fresh water–the fresh water we find inside when we go down, down into the deep well of our own triggers.  At the bottom, under all the patterns and charged reactive fuel, there is fresh nourishing insight. MARS will OPPOSE this freshly forward CHIRON late tonight, activating deep healing in this area.

MOON goes into Gemini at 12:10 pm pst and things may feel a little lighter, in spite of an impending eclipse, the scorpio season and our deep bubbling up Chiron content. There is joy, laughter and light inside as well!

MOON SEXTILES URANUS at 2:07 pm, pst and the joy and laughter factor gets multiplied!  It is a night for fun, ceremony and enjoying our community on this 11-11-11 day of oneness and communion with our whole humanity.

I call humanity into its highest self on this day!  Bless us all!

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