November 10, 2011 – Happy EMPRESS FULL MOON!! Power Healing Portal!

Today’s MOON in Taurus waxes in its most fertile creative energy until peaking at 12:16 pm, pdt. The FULL MOON in our fixed earth sign. The part of us that enjoy’s life in its simplicity!  Sun is still in Scorpio. Friends, relatives and our own inner self is digging up shadow material. Humanity has not always been able to balance power and channel power in ways that are in alignment with divinity.  We’re still learning power in alignment with divinity.  This full Moon in Taurus aligns our creative potential with divine natural timings of flowering.  We can trust our innate natural timing of seeding, gestating and flowering our own inner life and creative expression.  We’re flowering and yet its mid-winter.  The divine feminine bursts forth with her radiant birthing self–birthing our new world together!

CHIRON goes direct at 12: 55 pm, after being retrograde since June 10th, 2011 (five months). It goes direct very near to Neptune, who went direct yesterday. These two have been dancing in tandem at the very end of Aquarius for a long time. This archetypal weaving of Chiron and NEptune has brought us an increased focus on oil, water, deep wells, drilling, all things that affect our waters, our sea creatures, and our deep healing journey as individuals and as a humanity. Today CHiron climbs up out of the deep cave of ourself that needs healing. We have what we need to allow a raw soul-piece to heal in a powerful way.

MARS enters Virgo from Leo at 8:15 pm, pdt, grounding our action from a fiery place of inspired expanded creativity, to a place of grounded practical “taking care of the details” traction. This is a super practical time for grounding dreams and visions into reality by doing the step-by-step administrative work needed now.

Powerful creative flowering time to you!!  Haaaaappppy Fulllllll Mooooooonn!!