November 9, 2011 – Healing River of Flowering Life

Moon in its FULL MOON sign Taurus conjuncts JUPITER at 7:20 am, pdt. This day is expanded with vast potential.  Our creative energy is at a peak, expansive and uplifted!

NEPTUNE goes DIRECT at 10:54 am, pdt and our RIVER of life is moving forward after a summer of retrograde activity, offering us the opportunity to dig deep into our inner worlds and wash them out!  Neptune now moving forward offers us to “flow forward.”  Today is the “direction change” day.

MOON TRINES PLUTO at 11:08 am, pdt and we’re given a dose of pure POWER to bake our cake of life with. Today is a day of power and a revelatory river of soul-life moving us in a direction.  We know the work we have to do.  The old way is dying meanwhile a new way is being born. The more we go with the new, the more comfortable!

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