November 8, 2011 – Choice of Flowering

MOON in Aries OPPOSES SATURN in Libra at 10:10 am, pdt. We are making choices in each moment that determine our future.

MOON moves toward a SEXTILE to NEPTUNE in the evening at 7:59 pm pdt and we soften from our earlier rigidities of the day, flowing into the night on a river.

MOON TRINES MARS at 9:46 pm, pdt and we feel energized in the night, right as MOON goes VOID before entering the sign in which it is FULL, Taurus: at 11:45 pm, pdt  In the middle of the night we are coming into full creative flowering potential.  This is a day to prepare for the flowering of this cycle, tomorrow. We come into a portal of power in the next few days.

CHIRON and NEPTUNE will change directions from retrograde to direct. THey are already slowing down, preparing for this shift, focused on an inner river of archetypal healing.  May the river be with you in the days to come!