November 4, 2011 – Water to Earth ~ Call for Deep Nourishment

MOON moved into PISCES in the middle of the night then SQUARED VENUS AND MERCURY in Sagittarius pre-dawn. We’re feeling the waters that are deep inside of us related to our idealistic loving divine self. There may be a big difference between what we long to experience and what we are experiencing along the lines of love and affection, romance and communication. This morning we can honor our deep longings for idealistic love and the high experience that is possible when two or more human beings relate with each other from a place of love and co-creation.

MOON SEXTILES JUPITER at 8:56 am,  pdt and we expand in the realms of resource, water and earth creations.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 11:09 am, pdt and earth building is supported by vast supplies of spiritual and emotional water. The waters of life are rebirthing our new earth inside of us and through us.



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