September 17, 2011 – Inner Revolutionary Artist Day

~delayed publication~(Astrologer between the worlds this morning, then she was busy being the midwife for deaths, births, and relationshape-changes!!) ~

VENUS & MERCURY are traveling side by side these t 2:20 pm (pdt) and the dance of masculine and feminine is fully grounded in harmony that gets the practical details done for the big dreams.


SUN SQUARES NEPTUNE at 10:46 pm pdt and we face overwhelm, an ocean, tears, or a creative dilemma this night.  With our radiant heart-faith, we can cross “any ocean” before us. May the ocean you cross get you to the other side of all past imbalances, dissolved into living wholeness.  Imbalances arise to be balanced.  May we dissolve ourselves of ideas of right & wrong, attaining wholeness.

Our Creative Self is challenged to step into the River of Life in an authentic and divinely connected way!  Cheers!


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