November 2, 2011 – Ignite Celebration in the Ashes ~ with love-fire-water elixir

~delayed publication~(Astrologer between the worlds this morning, then she was busy being the midwife for deaths, births, and relationshape-changes!!) ~

VENUS & MERCURY are traveling side by side these days as Venus is talking with herself in all her forms. This dynamic divine-feminine-invoking duo headed into SAGITTARIUS early this morning, generating feminine to feminine heart-to-heart truth-telling alchemy. VENUS is in the midst of a grand lionking phase, (having made its SUN-VENUS conjunction in LEO) and we’re all busy elves, carrying out our instinctual, intuitive actions and communications, rippling out weaving some kind of etheric queendom of love. As VENUS moves from Scorpio’s Deep Water, to Sagittarian fire, trining the overlighting Leo, the divine feminine receives an extra charge, extra fire, heart and guiding light.

MOON SQUARED SUN at 9:39 am pdt, bringing us to the second quarter, in the LIGHT side of the lunar cycle, in the WAXING light–this is the peak of creative potential – fertile with its energetic lush flowering light. This is important time, as we are laying the groundwork now for a potentially much more unstable time in the future.  This time now is a time of gathering resources and birthing what is coming through us to be birthed, on a creative or living-earth-driven level.

VENUS fresh into Sagittarius SQUARE CHIRON still in early Pisces, at 2:53 pm pdt (pacific daylight time).  This is touching and shifting love/money/creativity wounds, driving us toward our next evolution overcoming old patterns with new wisdom.

MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON at 9:48 pm, pdt – we’re in a communications’ labyrinth, unwinding some kind of mythic inner-cauldron of healing story inside, outside and connected to an unfolding fabric of cosmos around us. The universe is a highly communicative interactive system & each one of us has a unique opportunity to be “triggered” or “tapped” in just the right way for a revolutionary kind of healing catalyst evening. Not a comfortable evening, but an important one for our growth.

May the rising lunar light burst you with higher self-flowering nourishment for your life’s journey!


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