November 1, 2011 – Spirits and Humans ~ Transition, Transition, Hooray! Hooray!

Happy ALL SAINTS Day!!  Today we honor all the spirits, ancestors, angels and demons we are all connected with, “on the other side.”  Today we raise the curtain and the veils become thin. Our fears, hopes, dreams, nightmares and brilliant visionary futures all lie in front of us like a television network broadcast, one after the other, our angels and demons walk by, a precession for us to see.  What a brilliant diverse collective of experience we are!  What a village of ancestors!  Its a nice morning to make an altar to our ancestors and all those spirits who hold us from the other side.  Its also a time to “take stock,” of our inner invisible world, shining a light around and clearing some of the cobwebs.

This morning is a bit awkward with the third dimension. MOON SQUARED SATURN in the middle of the night for the last corner of the MOON’s monthly visit touching into the Capricornian Pluto-Pressure-Cooker-Changer Cardinal Cross – Relationship Shifterator. This shifterator can be an awkward experience from the human perspective of practical things.

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE (also in the middle of the night) has communications in the middle of the ocean for a washing.  If communications feel unclear today, its ok, just go to an art show, or paint, or take a day to meditate or hike.  Communications are in the water today and its good to “go with the flow,” wherever possible with our interactions, or they could feel more uncomfortable the more we have agenda or attempt to control in an uncontrollable wacky communications weather pattern like today has.

MOON in Capricorn sextiles MERCURY in Scorpio at 12:55 pm pdt, (pacific daylight time) and we may ground from the shifting energies of the morning. We’re working with our abundance in a deeply inward, yet practical way.

The moon is waxing toward a potent FULL MOON in Taurus, The EMPRESS FULL MOON. This Empress is not just any empress, she is KALI, revealed by the ECLIPSE field that follows her, at the New Moon of the EMPEROR.  The Emperor (the masculine leadership element) will be going through a DEATH and REBIRTH with this next eclipse field. We all need to prepare for this in whatever way our intuition tells us.  Eclipses are not joking.  Of all of the astrological aspects, eclipses are the Grim Reapers of the whole and they are our allies, here to kill off all the infrastructure of the old paradigm.  Wherever it lives inside of us, we can prepare to graciously tear down our own walls, as we’ve bought into the old paradigm of patriarchal ideas and leadership structures, institutions and belief systems.

MOON sextiles the New VENUS overlighted by Leo, now in Scorpio. She is not kidding this year either.  She wants truth and justice, or she will make “big drama.” Moon hits power venus from Capricorn to Scorpio, then goes into the VOID.  Fear is not our friend in these times, even though it rises up like an emanation of the impending eclipse field. We can reach for our intentions, angelic connections, writings, sacred texts as we walk toward a deep dark beautiful portal of birth of the new era, at the EMPRESS FULL MOON coming, meanwhile overlayed by the portal of death of the old era, marked and already felt by the NEW MOON ECLIPSE less than a month away now, at the next NEW MOON on November 24th, late at night.

MOON into Aquarius at 3:08 pm, pdt. Everything is solved in community. With a team, a family, a community, a group of allies, we can accomplish and solve anything!  A day to celebrate not only the dead allies, but also the living ones!!

From fun communal Aquarius, our personal MOON SEXTILES URANUS in Aries at 5:24 pm, pdt: this shift: we are not just “an individual human,” anymore, but a sprouting rapidly upgrading community, with wings.

MOON SQUARES JUPITER late night at 11:53 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time) and we’re expanding – asked by the universe to stretch past our comfort zones, on behalf of the community that is sprouting wings.

May you shed the shell that holds your wings from flight, stretching those wet wings toward galactic sunrise!




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