October 31, 2011 – Happy Hallowed Weenie!!

Its that time of year when the veils are thin and our culture celebrates this by honoring ghosts, goblins and scarry creatures, however there are also light spirits beyond the veils, not just ghosts.  Scorpio is a sign of Death, so we are allowing things around us to die.  However, angels carry the dead, not goblins.

MOON is in Capricorn, the sign where PLUTO resides these days. We’re in the throes of the end of Capricornian patriarchy, led by women and men who are listening, who hold the Capricornian Earth Wisdom for the new era. Structures are deathing and rebirthing and the Occupy movement will be the “angels of death” to the old decaying establishment of corruption and injustice. Today we can honor all the angels, ancestors and Occupy leaders who are midwifing all the deaths in this time.

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 2:19 pm pdt and we’re in a transitional square related to shifting home. Everyone is feeling this “time to change” in a unique way.  Many people are moving from their homes for different reasons, whether it is because the smart meters are pushing us out because we don’t want to live in a microwave zone, or we are called to join others in the Occupy movement, or our home was foreclosed upon, or a relationship or job ended–so many of us are in transition.  Today there is movement and change related to home, and it may feel like we’re walking into the unknown future.  We are, and we can completely trust this unknown as long as we follow our inner knowing.

CHIRON and NEPTUNE are still in very close range so we’re in a process of deep healing of emotions , sexuality, waters and our concept of teaching.

May all the deaths of this season remind us of the value and truth of LIFE!

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