February 11th, 2013 – Slippery Water & Friendly Earth in the Void

Whether this day has power because it is the “THE MAYAN SHIFT,” or whether it is because we have seven consecutive astrological power aspects throughout the day, it is a POWER day of EXPANSION, Rite of Passage that is personal, and a rocket-like-take-off toward miracle consciousness if we are ready. Today is a day to expect a miracle and create a miracle!

Within the context of the MARS-VENUS SQUARE, MOON spent the middle of the night between a VENUS conjunction and a SQUARE with NEPTUNE at 4:49 am, sending the MOON into the VOID!  The Divine Feminine is approached by the divine NEPTUNE waters over all the relationships asking VENUS to drop all judgements, surrender to “every human has a shadow and a light and its a beautiful whole,” to be accepted and forgiven. (Opinions, judgements, attachments are dissolving like old witches of the west, ahhh, hah, hah, hah. . . we can let all of that go for now.)  Neptune asks masculine and feminine energies: Even though there is tension, can we forgive?  Can we be strong enough to be firm, yet temper every word through the filter of a wise and open heart?  Can we have compassion and respect each other, even when differences in perception  feel frustrating?  This morning is a time to give ourselves over to unconditional love, officially, and forever after, with everyone around us.

MOON arrives back ON COURSE (from the VOID) at 7:45 am, pdt (pacific daylight time) diving into SAGITTARIUS at the SPEED of Galactic Tinted Light.  We may be given a new human engine for creation with our elemental kingdom, like a new control panel for our spaceship that gives us more capacity in these bodies!

MERCURY SQUARES MARS at 8:08 am pdt RITE of PASSAGE and Space-SHip Earth Operating System Upgrade! Our space-ship may run into engine overload if we are not prepared for the fast-paced energetic shift from a limited paradigm of separation consciousness, to a multi-dimensional paradigm of miracle-consciousness.  Leslie Temple Thurston of Corelight speaks to us of the coming window of “miracle consciousness,” this SQUARE asks us to expand our communication with etheric elemental energies to allow an “elemental uprising,” around us to manifest our “dreams.” The way to enhance our connection to the etheric and elemental energies is to focus on the heart and our connection with nature, the earth, animals, children, and or all of humanity.

MARS in LEO challenges us to act based on DISCERNMENT THROUGH THE HEART, instead of through FEAR (challenge SQUSRE to MERCURY in Scorpio.) Past meditation practice will pay off today as we increase the speed of our awakening in this planetary energy of today! Intention is important today.  What is our intention on all levels with each action?

JUPITER in Taurus TRINEs PLUTO in Capricorn. The Goddess Gaia, Mother Nature, and the Divine Feminine, in all forms are receiving an infusion of POWER at this time.  Women (and the feminine side of men) are a vessel for an infusion of divine feminine light and love.) Everything that happens to us in the next cycle is about the expansion of our capacity to feel and express thnformation on the largest global uprising in the history of humanity. May we all rise to end violence against women, violence of all kinds, especially violence to ourselves. May we be internally kind, loving and tender with ourselves.


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