October 27, 2011 – Baby Phoenix

We rise this morning with this Baby New Scorpio MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY (exact this evening) at 7:08 pm, pdt. SCORPION with WINGS is the PHOENIX.  We delve the depths of our shadow and emotions so when we rise, we know ourselves fully. Rising into the light of our own divinity. Communicating truth can be revelatory on days like today.

MOON SQUARE MARS at 7:56 pm, pdt and we’re reminded of the VENUS SQUARE MARS tension between masculine and feminine. We, archetypal male and female may be at odds with each other in these days, as the square pushes us into these ninety degree angles of tension and pressure to change.  Moon square Mars pushes our buttons. Mars and Venus, (masculine and feminine) will move into TRINE (harmony) with each other on December 5th, 2011. Between now and then we walk from extreme tension to the possibility of peace and beauty together.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 9:23 pm, pdt and FEMININE POWER is glowing inside our bellies and hearts, shining with her sexual power, leadership power and deep healing hands. This NEW MOON is a powerful new moon for the Divine Feminine.  THE EMPRESS is the one who is birthing.  When women are pregnant, giving birth and holding an infant, they are uber-respected.  Well every woman is birthing a new world in 2012 and we’re all casting a pregnant glow this cycle, emanating, “new life,” commanding the respect of our masculine allies.


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